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Welcome to The Fool's Quarter

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. I've been online since February 1999. It's a place I can share my thoughts, ideas and opinions.

The prior incarnation of the webpage was set up to display the pictures I took while traveling around the world in the Navy. I received many great comments, I appreciated them all. One of my pictures was even published in a book called "Navy Super Tankers" by Vern Bouwman. I found it doing a vain search of myself. I might even have to buy the book. If you viewed the pictures in the past and would like copies of them please contact me. If you want to see my adventures on Guam click on this link: GUAM PICTURES.

For those who I haven't seen in years, I retired from the Navy in September 2001. Since then I've been working in Portland, Oregon as the Maintenance Manager and Site Environmental Manager at Northwest Pipe Company. I'm married with two great children, a couple of dogs and too many cats.

I dusted off my BBS software and many door games and set my BBS back up online. I'm running on Synchronet BBS software instead of the old DOS based RemoteAccess. It's been fun seeing it back alive again. If you want to experience a little pre-internet fun, go to The Fool's Quarter BBS above.