Live roulette in online casino. What is it, where and how to play it?

For roulette lovers, there are several variants of the game and all of them are very popular. You can go to a land-based casino, play traditional roulette online, or choose live roulette at an online casino. The last option combines all the best qualities of the other two. The game is played by a real dealer on real equipment and you can be anywhere. To do this, you will not need to go to the institution.

How does the game of live roulette work?

The dealer works from a studio that is equipped for a real casino. The studio is equipped to broadcast live video to the players. There is another option - live roulette from real casinos. Then the game is broadcast to the player, which takes place at one of the tables in a land-based casino. In such cases, you can even see real people betting and playing at the table.

In both cases, the player sees a virtual betting field and chips on his computer or mobile device. By moving these chips to the table on his screen, the player makes bets. The dealer, in turn, has a special screen where he sees all the players, their bets and chat messages. This is how the two sides interact. But this is only the case when the broadcast comes from special studios. If the game takes place in real casinos, the dealers are occupied by real players.

As always, there is a certain time for betting. The dealer will announce the start and end of betting. And it will be reflected on the player's screen. After the result of the draw is known, the player is credited with a win if he won. If you lose, the amount is debited. All this is done automatically.

If you played standard (non-live casino) online casino roulette, then the only difference is that there is a live dealer at the table and the results are determined not by a random number generator (RNG), but by a real wheel. Otherwise, the processes and actions required of the player are the same.

Since it is impossible to play online live roulette for free, you can get your first experience on a regular online roulette based on RNG. Get familiar with the control panel and placing bets in demo mode.

Live roulette bets

All bets are the same as usual in roulette. There are external and internal, they all offer a different level of risk and different payouts. Read more about the types of bets and how to play roulette in general here.

Is it possible to communicate with the dealer while playing live roulette?

Yes, there is such a possibility. But voice communication is not provided. Players will have a chat window where they can leave their comments. The dealer can answer this verbally.

What language do live roulette dealers speak?

The most popular language is definitely English as it is the largest and richest market. Moreover, many players from non-English speaking countries know this language well. It is much rarer to meet live dealers speaking other languages. It can be Russian, Turkish, Spanish or others. But this is not found in every casino.

In principle, you do not need much knowledge in order to play live dealer roulette in English. It is enough to know the standard phrases and the translation of the buttons. This can be done, for example, through Google translator. In principle, everything will be so intuitively clear. Just choose the value of the chips and click on the place in the betting table.

What can a live roulette dealer say? Standard phrases like: Place your bets; Bets are closed; Winning number is ….; Congratulations (Place bets; Bets are closed; Winning number ...; Congratulations). You don't even need to understand what they are saying, because firstly, your screen displays when bets start, end and which number wins. Also, everything can be understood by their standard hand movements.

What are the types of live roulette in online casinos?

Tables with live roulette can be of different types. There are divisions according to the size of bets, there are types of roulette. The variety will depend on which developer supplies live roulette. The richest choice may be at the Evolution Gaming casino. This is the largest supplier. They have Auto Roulette, French Roulette, Regular Roulette, Immersive and more.

At the Extreme Live Gaming casino, you can find interesting options for live roulette with additional bets on slots. These are such games as Book of Ra Roulette, and similar roulettes with elements of Lucky Lady's Charm, Dolphin's Pearl and Sizzling Hot Deluxe slots.

Evaluating live roulette casino options?

Live dealer roulette is offered by many casinos. Therefore, you will definitely not lack a choice. You can look through our rating, you will find many options there. There are scammers on the black list of casinos who do not have a license and where you do not need to play.

If earlier fraudulent casinos offered only slot machines and a couple of other games, today some of them also attract live games. Therefore, be careful and check the reputation of the casino and the license.

Are there special online casino bonuses for live roulette?

Some casinos offer promotions either for live casino games in general or for live roulette specifically. This is usually cashback. That is, the return of part of the lost amount in a certain period. Typically, cashback is characterized by various rules, including the minimum and maximum that can be credited. Wagering conditions can also be set, when the player will first need to put down a certain amount of money in order to withdraw the accrued returns. But there are casinos that do not require this.

Rarely do online casinos offer special deposit bonuses for live roulette. Top up your account and get bonus credits for playing live casino. Please note that often the rules for regular deposit or no deposit bonuses say that you cannot play games with live dealers, otherwise the bonus will be canceled.

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