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Online casino with withdrawal to WebMoney

Owners of WebMoney wallets will be able to replenish their account in many online casinos. This is one of the most popular payment systems offered by operators aimed at Russia and the CIS. Using it is convenient, fast and inexpensive, due to which many prefer this option. You must have a wallet registered in this system. This is not difficult to do, just go to their official website and follow the instructions. You will have the choice to register different wallets, each for different currencies.

Among them are many popular currencies, including dollars, euros and rubles.

How to replenish the casino account via WebMoney?

WebMoney is not far behind in terms of cryptocurrencies. Wallets have been added for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. In the end, you just have to replenish your account and you can already proceed to a deposit in an online casino through WebMoney.

  • Log in to your casino account and select the Cashier section
  • In the window that opens, select the Electronic money or similar tab. You will see a list of options from which you choose WebMoney
  • Next, indicate the amount of replenishment, the wallet number and click on the button Deposit
  • You will be directed to the page of the payment system, where you will need to confirm the deposit< /li>

As you can see, the process is very simple. Perhaps in different casinos the names of the buttons or other little things will be slightly different, but you will understand everything. And if you encounter any difficulties, please contact support.

Do I need to pay a commission?

As a rule, online casinos do not charge a commission for replenishment through WebMoney, as well as through another payment method. But in rare cases, a certain fee may be provided. Check this information with each individual establishment.

As for the WebMoney system itself, for each transfer it takes 0.8% of the transaction amount. This is not much, for example, from 1000 rubles they will take only 8 rubles from you.

If the currency of the game account does not match the currency you have on the payment wallet, you can open a wallet in another currency. Then just use the exchange function. This happens right inside the system and the money is immediately credited to the wallet in the desired currency. Of course, in this case, you overpay a little for the exchange.

Conclusions from the online casino on WebMoney

Withdrawing winnings is also very easy. That is, the procedure itself is simple. But the implementation depends on how quickly and correctly the institution works. On the part of the player, you just need to go to the Cashier, the Withdrawals / Payouts section and request the required amount. Usually withdrawal to WebMoney is possible only if you had a replenishment by the same method. This also applies to any other payment.

In this case, WebMoney does not charge you a commission, but the casino can keep it. Please note that under certain conditions, many operators withhold 10-15% of the withdrawn amount. As a rule, this applies if you do not complete the x3 turnover of the deposit. Everywhere the requirements will be different, so check this point.

As for the timing, everything will also depend on the specific operator. The enrollment itself takes place instantly, but you have to wait until the casino processes the application. This can take an average of 2-3 days. Although some casinos stand out for almost instant processing.

Why can't the payment go through?

Such a scenario is highly unlikely. But if you transferred funds, but they did not come to your game account, then the following reasons are possible:

  • There are scam casinos that can just steal your money. If you are not careful, you can get into such a situation, as there are many scammers.
  • The casino is normal, but the money did not reach due to problems on their part. As a result, the money will be credited to your balance, just contact the support service.
  • Problems with the payment system. In this case, too, do not worry. Once the issues are resolved, you can try again or your transaction will be completed.

If the balance has not replenished, first of all, contact the casino support service. If they say that the problem is not on their part, then write to the support of the payment system. However, please note that WebMoney theoretically does not allow transactions with online casinos. Therefore, it is not worth mentioning that the recipient is a gambling operator.

Despite the ban on gambling transactions, you can use this payment without any problems. Practice shows that the observance of the ban is not observed. That is why there are so many operators who use it. Moreover, the recipient is not indicated anywhere online casino. So, WebMoney sees that the transfer was made not for a casino, but for an ordinary company.

What to choose: WebMoney or alternative methods?

Compared to electronic wallets, this is a good option for Russian players. The main advantage is convenience. You open your wallet and you can immediately replenish your account and make a deposit. Verification is required only if you need to increase the limits. And so it will be possible to send money and receive, just within certain limits.

Speed ​​is another plus. Transactions are made instantly in both directions. The only delay is when withdrawing, the casino must first process the request. But this delay concerns conclusions in any way. Just when choosing a WebMoney casino, read the reviews and rules to find out about the timing.

There is only one drawback of WebMoney - foreign operators usually do not accept this payment. In this regard, bank cards have an advantage. But foreign casinos usually do not have the necessary conditions for Russian-speaking players. And the point is not only that there is no translation into Russian and Russian payments, but that if the RKN blocks access to the site, the operator will not create mirrors. While the use of various programs that change IP may be prohibited.

Debt game

Users of this payment system can borrow, for this even a separate WMC wallet has been created. It will be possible to borrow from the system or from other users. However, this is definitely not worth doing. You should only play with your own money, and then with funds that you can afford to spend.

List of casinos with instant money withdrawal to WebMoney

It should be noted right away that there will be no world celebrities among the operators that offer this payment method. These are mainly local level establishments, which are aimed primarily at Russia, and then at the CIS. Among them there are establishments of different quality. Therefore, read the reviews and reviews of the players.

Below is a list of WebMoney online casinos, which lists exclusively licensed establishments. In most cases, this is a Curacao casino, but there are also those that are licensed by Malta and even the UK. Pay attention to the rating of the operator. It is calculated automatically by a special algorithm and is as objective as possible. Reliability comes first, but convenience and fun also play an important role.

The side menu provides filters that allow you to set the desired characteristics of the WebMoney casino. Choose a license, currency, language. The country and WebMoney payment method are set automatically, but you can remove or add options. Collapse

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