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Denmark is an economically developed country with a high standard of living. At the same time, many international organizations consider Denmark to be the country with the smallest gap between the rich and the poor. As for gambling, until 2010 all issues with a license and other aspects of the gambling industry were decided by the state-owned company Danske Spil.

The situation changed dramatically only in 2012, when DKAZ (Danish gambling committee), with the help of the main members of the European Union, signed an agreement of understanding with the Alderney Gaming Commission. This means that all operators that already manage projects in another jurisdiction can formally apply for a license in Denmark.

This change applies only to online casinos, bookmakers, slots. Other types of games: lotteries, bingo, betting on horse racing and dog racing remain under state control and cannot be offered by private companies.

Details of an online casino license in Denmark

An online casino license in Denmark is not as popular as a license in other jurisdictions. This is due to the fact that DKAZ has introduced a rather high tax and has a strict framework for issuing a license.

That is why a Danish license is usually acquired by companies that have already opened up in markets in other jurisdictions and have a stable good income.

At the moment, there are about 210 online casino sites in the country that offer their services. Bets are accepted in dollars, euros and Danish kroner.

The state operator Danske Licens Spil is still operating.

Interesting Fact! The state operator, like the rest, is obliged to renew the license and pay a certain amount to the country's treasury.

Pricing policy, conditions and taxes. Requirements to open an online casino

Since 2012, licenses in Denmark have been issued by the Danish Gambling Authority (or committee).

Basic conditions for obtaining a license:

  • Providing a sound plan, on the basis of which it can be understood that opening an online casino is profitable and appropriate
  • Owner must be at least 21 years of age
  • No criminal record of the owner
  • Business reputation of the company must comply with standard norms. Any entrepreneur must provide evidence that the development of the company will take place at the expense of honestly (legally) earned money.
  • Paying a fee for opening a business project (online casino or bookmaker) in the amount of $37,000. A joint project (BC + casino) will cost more - $52,000 >$

The cost of a license depends entirely on the operator's project itself, its profitability and structure. The license is issued for a period of 5 years. Limited license (special cases) - for 1 year.

All operators in Denmark are required to pay two taxes. Online casino income tax is 20%. Corporate tax (tax that is paid on the amount remaining after income tax) - from 25% to 28%. It is worth saying that the tax rate can be reduced. It depends on the profit of the company itself.

Advertising. Control of financial activities and other aspects in the jurisdiction of Denmark

Only those operators who have already received a license have the right to create and launch advertising. It is not allowed to plan an advertising campaign even while the license application is still pending. It is also strictly forbidden to use third parties to advertise your products.

All financial assets of any player must be in an individual bank account (support for instant transactions). Daily bookkeeping is a must. The amount on the player's game balance and the amount in the bank must match. The supervisory authority may at any time request financial statements, and they must be provided upon request.

Directive 2005/60/EC applies in Denmark. This means that money laundering through online casinos is prohibited and is strictly punishable by law.

DKAZ requires an annual report on all successful achievements of the company in the online gambling services market. In the first year, this report is one of the most important indicators for DKAZ in relation to financial transactions.

All online gambling services are provided exclusively for Danish players. The software must be constantly updated and comply with all international standards. At the moment, the online gambling industry market in Denmark is distributed in the following way:

  • Danske Lotteri Spil covers 34.8% of the market
  • Slots - 21.5%
  • Stakes - 18.3%
  • Online casinos - 13.1%
  • Other lotteries (projects that contain a company-linked lottery) – 4.7%
  • Land-based casinos – 4.4%
  • Lottery Klasselotteriet (state lottery) - 3.2%

An interesting fact! Poker is not considered gambling in Denmark. Therefore, no license is required to organize poker competitions or open poker rooms.

Contact information for the Danish Government Licensing Department

  • Address: Business Center Helgeshøj Allé 9, Taastrup
  • Phone number: (+45) 72 38 79 13
  • Website: www.skat. dk
  • Email: [email protected]

Why choose a license in Denmark?

As mentioned earlier, you should buy a license in Denmark if your company is already confidently operating in other jurisdictions. For novice operators who do not have a reputation, the path towards Denmark will most likely be closed even with a strong desire.

The only plus of opening an online casino is an economically profitable area for making a profit. The population of Denmark is approximately 5 million people, and almost everyone earns enough to provide a good standard of living. Collapse

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