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Casinos accepting deposits via Lobanet

This is one of the payment systems targeted at developing countries. In the case of Lobanet, the emphasis is on Latin America, which means that potential customers of the payment system are residents of Brazil, Argentina and other countries in this region.

Like other systems of this type, the emphasis is on cooperation with various banks, Lobanet can be used to pay for goods when shopping online, including replenishing an account at a casino. The payment system is the brainchild of Minerva Data, this company has been operating in the field of e-commerce for over 10 years.

During her work, she managed to conclude partnership agreements with more than 40 banks. Moreover, the number of partner banks includes not only local financial organizations, but also banks with a worldwide reputation. For example, Lobanet partners include such giants as Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC.

As for the payment system itself, it has only been operating for a couple of years. But Minerva Data is far from being a newcomer to the market, so Lobanet does not suffer from “childhood illnesses”. By the way, Minerva Data has a British registration and for the entire period of its work not a single scandal has been associated with its name, so the company's reputation is impeccable.

Sometimes, instead of the name Lobanet, Transferencia Bancaria Local can be used, as an option - Local Banking Network. Under any of these names, the same payment system is hiding. In most banks of that region, you can work with this system without restrictions.

Since the target audience lives in Latin America, the main currencies of the payment system are the Argentine peso, the Brazilian real. There is support for other local currencies.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are no ideal payment systems, Lobanet is no exception to this rule. Of the strengths, it is worth highlighting:

  • No registration required. If you have an account opened with one of the partner banks, then you can use this payment system. This is convenient - it saves time and you do not need to remember the next login and password;
  • anonymity, security and speed. Using Lobanet is absolutely safe because you do not have to enter personal data on third-party sites;
  • we will also add the reputation of the company that created Lobanet to its strengths. Reputation in the financial market is worth a lot.

Disadvantages are standard for local payment systems:

  • a small number of supported casinos;
  • there is no way to withdraw money using the same method;
  • limited by the geography of work. To use this casino deposit method, you need to have an account with one of the 40 partner banks and be located in Latin America.

So we are dealing with a classic local payment system. The disadvantages and advantages for Lobanet are the same as for other EPS of the same kind.

Which casinos accept Lobanet, how is the deposit process

Only 9 casinos that accept payments through Lobanet provide results for searching our database. As for the replenishment scheme, everything happens like this:

  • on the casino site, the appropriate deposit method is selected. Specify the amount you want to transfer to your account;
  • after clicking on the "Pay" button, you will be redirected to the payment system website. Depending on which bank you are a client of, you will be given an appropriate code, you need to save it;
  • when verifying a payment, you will need the code issued in the previous step. Money is withdrawn from the account instantly and immediately appear on your casino account.

Every casino has different minimum deposit limits. Check these and other details on the casino website.


Lobanet cannot be considered a universal option for depositing a casino account. If you have an account with a partner bank, you can use it. We recommend that all other players choose another, universal payment system that does not have such restrictions.

For Latin American countries, this is really a good solution. But only for this region, beyond its borders, Lobanet is rapidly losing popularity. Collapse

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