Evolution Gaming may temporarily close in Latvia

There is information that the Evolution Gaming studio in Latvia will be closed for a while. The developer did not make official statements, but this option is quite possible, since the Latvian government recently banned online gambling during the quarantine period. And even the accusations and threats of court from the industry did not give any result.

According to some reports, Evolution Gaming has already received a notice that they must close the studio. The problem is that their largest studio is located in Riga, and its closure will hit the supplier's capabilities hard. However, only a tentative order to close is now known. And while there are no official statements, we can assume that the studio is still functioning, and the supplier may be looking for options to maintain activity.

This will be the second blow to Evolution Gaming, which seems to have started without any problems. Shares have risen in price, demand has increased as the demand for online casinos, including live games, has increased. However, the threat was not in terms of demand. Since March 23, the developer has suspended work in Tbilisi, Georgia, and only on April 4 it started again, but not at full capacity.

If the rumors about the Riga studio turn out to be true, they may be able to negotiate a reduction in capacity instead of shutting down entirely. Indeed, in Riga, according to the official data of the developer, more than 2,700 employees work, that is, almost half of the entire staff.

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