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Slot Club

Slot Club is a casino operating mainly in the Ukrainian and Russian markets. It cannot be attributed to the most popular network establishments, but still the resource has its own audience. In addition, it is not so easy to find information or reviews about Slot Club on the web.

Most likely, the point is that the casino is not very popular among gambling enthusiasts. And the most obvious reason is that this institution is not considered clean at hand. This can be understood by studying a few reviews, looking at the site itself and its main sections. Having done this, you can determine for yourself a few interesting nuances. We will talk about them below.

Counterfeit machines

As in any other area of ​​commerce, there are fakes in the casino. We are talking about unlicensed software that the user encounters during the game. Yes, in the Slot Club the same “Book of Ra” is visually very similar to the original product of the Novomatic company. But the fact is that this developer provides its licensed slots to only a few casinos. Of course, Slot Club is not included in this circle.

Many inexperienced gamblers think that the difference between licensed software and fake software is insignificant and formal. In fact, everything is much more serious. Imagine a deck of cards that "gives" you exceptionally bad cards, and your opponent - good ones. That would be an uninteresting and dishonest game, wouldn't it? In fact, this is how an unlicensed machine works. It can be customized by the casino owner as he pleases. Bottom line: you will always get bad "cards", that is, spins, when it comes to classic slots.

Yes, most likely, you can even win something. But this is not done in order for you to earn money, but in order to continue to play. Very rarely anyone withdraws small amounts - this money is still used for the game. Would you like to play by these rules? Welcome to Slot Club.

The licensed software is hosted on the server of the developer himself. No matter how hard the owner of the casino tries to "get" inside the machine, he will not succeed. Want to make sure that Slot Club is cheating on you? Check the source code of the slot you launched. It is downloaded from a specific server. This site has nothing to do with the official developers. A list of "correct" servers can be easily found on the Internet. Use this tool to identify unscrupulous casinos.

Weak “return” of the casino

This is what the use of fake software leads to. By setting the return percentage at a level of 10%-30%, the casino owner can receive excess income by deceiving players. The client himself in such conditions sees a “wave-like” game with a gradual decrease in the deposit. Somewhere there will be a win, somewhere a loss, but in the end everything leads to zero.

By the way, Slot Club even in this sense differs from most casinos. The fact is that it is quite difficult to win virtual loans here and in demo mode. Although the demo is a great tool to attract new players. Perhaps this is a subjective impression of users. But, perhaps, the same algorithms operate in the demo game as in the main one. Try playing a trial game at Slot Club first. If there is a weak “return” here, then the question of whether it is worth playing in Slot Club for money will disappear by itself.

Opaque rules

The rules very often hide pitfalls that the casino can use to their advantage. Most often, the administration describes in detail each item, introducing “convenient” information for themselves. In Slot Club, everything is different. First, this section is called "Agreement". Secondly, the number of points is extremely small. It does not describe in detail the process of cooperation with the casino, the nuances of the game and the algorithm for resolving disputes. This information remains unknown to the user. Thus, spending time in the Slot Club turns into a blind game, where an unpleasant surprise can await at every step.

Although, nevertheless, it was not without “convenient” points of the rules. The casino, of course, stipulates that in any disputable situation, the decision is made in favor of the institution. Again, there is no information about what these situations could be. It remains only to guess at what point this paragraph will operate, and at what point it will not.

Question about the license

Not only machines, but also the institution itself must have a license. Of course, in our country it is impossible to get it, because gambling is prohibited here. Casinos receive them abroad: in the UK, Costa Rica, etc. The administration places information about the availability of a license either on the main page or in any other important place on the site. Slot Club does not provide any data on the licensing of its activities. You should not be surprised: many unscrupulous casinos do this, which have problems with the legality of their work.

It would seem that there is a license or it is missing - the institution works, there are no problems. There are no problems for the casino. For players, this is sad news. This means that the operation of the resource is not controlled. The casino works the way its owner wants it to. Will he follow the fair rules of the game? Given that Slot Club uses fake machines, the answer suggests itself. Of course, the automaton algorithm and the "twisted" random number generator will never allow the player to win anything significant.


So we have determined the reason for the weak popularity of Slot Club. The operating methods of the institution scare away the players, and new customers do not come, since the institution does not conduct an active advertising campaign.

To understand whether it is worth playing in a casino or not, you just need to find out which slots it uses. If original - you can play. If we are talking about scripting machines, bypass such a resource. A priori, it cannot be honest, since it initially uses deceptive methods in the conduct of gambling activities.

The internet is big. A bona fide casino is not that hard to find. Happy searching!

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